Are you in search for the best tennis racquet? We live in a world in which everything is important. Like studies, sports are also important in one’s life. It is also said that “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. So, sports are also a major part of our life. Sports help a person in staying fit and healthy. It was a time when it was said a person who don’t study, don’t become successful, but now it is said that if a person doesn’t play, he don’t become successful. So, it is very important for a person to play sports in his life. Sports are of many types. Some of the examples are:

  • Cricket
  • Judo
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Athletics
  • Baseball

Tennis is one such sport, played with the help of a tennis racket. It is an instrument made in the form of a web of wires within a metallic frame. There are a lot of companies manufacturing these tennis racquets. We can easily buy the best racquet either from the market or from any online shopping site. There are a lot of sports shops in the market selling these best tennis racquets. We can find a large color and size variety in these tennis rackets.




Head Liquid Metal 8 Strung Tennis Racquet (4.25)

One of the most powerful racquets, sold out these days is Head Liquidmetal 8 Tennis Racquet. It is one of the most sold out product in the sports section. It’s cost you $ 84.95 from Amazon without any shipping charges. It suits best for a teenager. tennispremiersIt has a star rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. It is sold by Racquet Galaxy and fulfilled by Amazon. It is so popular nowadays that the stock becomes limited after a day or two. This racquet uses the molten metal material for its manufacturing that makes it 21/2 times stronger than a titanium racquet also 30% more powerful. The racquet is built in a good design with strong and powerful metal frame. This head Liquidmetal tennis racquet comes with TSC that is Total Sweetspot Construction. Its function is to extend the sweet spot through the head for better control. It uses the best quality grip thus making it more reliable and comfortable for holding. The damping system used on the racquet is No Shox. It is used so as to reduce the vibrations of a racquet. It reduces the racquet vibrations from 25-30 %. These racquets are somewhat heavier than the titanium made racquets. This racquet’s head size is 112 square inches. This racquet has the beam of 28 X 26 mm and string pattern of 16 X 19. Its weight is 9.3 ounces and shipping weight is 11.2 ounces. There is a clear plastic dampener at the bottom that covers the middle main strings. This product has very good quality. This product has got a good response from the customers. Rather the product is China made but it has a good quality. Also, it last long if properly maintained. This racquet doesn’t come with a cover. The customer has to buy the cover separately.

Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Tennis Racket

Here is another option for you WILSON [K] ZERO STRUNG TENNIS RACQUET. It is somewhat expensive than the previous racquet, but its quality is better. Its price ranges from $99.00 to $ 120.31 according to the selection of features. It has the 4.2-star rating out of 5 stars. It is the lightest tennis racquet. It gives a better performance. It is an amazing product. It uses a good quality metal frame. best selling tennis racquetsWires used are of superior quality. It is the most popular tennis racquet for beginners. As it is very light weight, it provides the maximum power to the person using it. It also provides stability. It uses a good quality grip for easy handling. It is the best option for those players who look more for comfort and powerful shots. This is a wonderful racquet for a very good intermediate down through beginner. Basically, this tennis racquet is for beginners and people with restricted moments. Lead tape can be added to the head of a racquet to increase its power. If kept in proper condition, it can work for several years. The light frame, control favoring head, along with power makes it a perfect purchase. Its head size is 118”and strung weight is 9.1 ounces and shipping weight is 1 pound. Its length is 27.5”. There is 6 pt. HH string pattern. It contains a 29 mm dual taper. The item can be shipped within the US and is not meant for international shipping. This Wilson k factor tennis racquet is the replacement for an older top tier Wilson graphite. This racquet doesn’t come with a cover. But you can easily buy a new cover from the same website. There is a large variety of tennis racquet covers also available in the stores.

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

Somewhat expensive but the best tennis racket is Wilson Pro Staff Tennis Racquet. It is at the top with a 4.7-star rating out of 5 stars. 70% of the customers have rated it 5 stars. It is the most powerful and strongest racquet. It is the most popular tennis racquet. It is top rated by the customers. Its price varies from $ 219.00 – $ 450.65 at Amazon. This variation depends on the features. best rated tennis racquetsThis racquet is designed by some engineers and one of the world’s top-ranked playerRoger Federer. He is Swiss professional tennis player. He is ranked number 2. This racquet is more powerful than others and thus, it delivers more power. This process makes perfection for an attacker player. This racquet has a larger head size and thus has a bigger sweet spot. This racquet is heavy and intended for professional players.It is very popular among teens and professional players. These racquets are more often used in tournaments. It is best suited for both males and females. This most powerful tennis racquet is suited for any height person.It’s all about hand size, not height; there are online tutorials about how to size your hand correctly. This racquet is available everywhere unstrung and without a cover. You have to get it the string and buy a cover. You can easily get a cover from the same website. There is a large variety of covers available in the market as well as online stores. This racquet keeps the pure classic feel. Its weight is 11.2 ounces. The grip used is the best quality grip with a large variety of color availability. The racquet at overall is very good in quality. Although the product is made in China, it comes with 100% guarantee and has very good quality. It is one of the best Wilson tennis racquets which has easily available in the market at affordable rates.

Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Unstrung Tennis Racquet

Another good quality tennis rackets available in the market is BABOLAT AEROPRO DRIVE UNSTRING RACQUET. It has a 4.3-star rating out of 5 stars with a good customer rating. This racquet has a very attractive color shade. This Babolat tennis racquet comes in two different sizes and features of the racquet depend on the size of the racquet.

best babolat racket for intermediate playerSize ¼: Its price is $ 149.95 at Amazon without any shipping charges. It is sold and shipped by Tennis Boom. Its head size is 100 square inches. Its length is 27 inches. Its frame is made from the alloy of tungsten and graphite. Its string pattern is 16 mains and 19 crosses. Balance points are 4 pts. Head light. Grip used is of a better quality. Its frame is very rigid and hard.

  • Size 4 5/8”: Its price is $ 250.00 at Amazon and there might be shipping charges also. It is sold by John Brown. Its head size is 100 square inches. Its length is 27 inches. Its frame is very strong and is composed of graphite and tungsten. It uses 16 mains and 19 crosses string pattern with 4 balance points.

Grip used for this racquet is very good in quality. It is too superior and comfortable an is very easy to handle. Its weight is 1.2 pounds. It is heavier than other racquets and thus more powerful. It works excellently. This racquet is the latest model of Babolat’s universally popular AeroPro Drive frame. This racquet comes unstrung. It comes with a classy cover which is made with good material of superior quality. Most of the customers have rated it with 5-star ratings. Most of the players have improved their game with this tennis racquet. It is among the most popular tennis racquets these days.

Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

Here is another good option for you BABOLAT PURE DRIVE TENNIS RACQUET. With a star rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, it is also one of the best racquets. This racquet will cost you % 199.99. But as you know Amazon keeps care of his customers, you can get this wonderful racquet at $ 199.00 and save $ 0.99. This racquet is one of the most sold out racquets. It has impressive physique and features. One cannot regret after buying this racquet. most flexible tennis racquetIt is perfect for players making the perfect balance between power and feel. There are 5 different grips sizes available for this amazing tennis racquet:

1.     4-½

2.     4-1/8

3.     4-3/8

4.     4-5/8

5.     G2 = 4-1/4

All the above grips are good quality rubber and are the same price. The grip is very comfortable and you can easily hold it without any strain on hands. It is also very smooth, thus making it easy for the user to carry it. This good tennis racquet has improved the games of many players. It is a heavier racquet with smaller head size making it more suitable for intermediates or advanced players. It has an elliptical geometry with Evo beam. The metal frame is very strong and rigid. It comes with Frame Interaction Technology. The tennis racquet comes unstrung. But you can get it string from a sports shop easily. This racquet doesn’t come with a cover. But can easily buy it online or from any sports shop. There is a larger variety of covers also. This racquet has a black and blue color which represents unparalleled power. Some white touches represent the racquets’ sleek appearance. Its head size is 645 cm and length is 685 mm. It is a brilliant racquet with 100% guarantee.

How to Choose the Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners

Nowadays there is a large variety of sports in which tennis is also an important sport. It requires a tennis racquet, a tennis ball, a tennis court and sports shoes for playing. Mainly it requires a tennis racquet. There a great variety of top tennis rackets available in the market. There are some superior racquets and some inferior racquets. Whether a person has a good game or not, buying a good quality racquet will always make a difference. All the racquets are not of the same type. There are a lot of differences like size, shape, material, brand and many other things that will cause a great impact on your game. So it is always better to choose a good quality tennis racquet which will make your game better and make you a player. There are basic things that must be kept in mind to choose the best rated tennis rackets:

  • The size of Grip: A good racquet is that, which best fits in your palm and is easy to carry with. It is important to have the racquet with the smooth grip which is of your own size. It should not be of higher or lower size.
  • The length of Racquet: It is very important to use a racquet of proper length. Normally, 27 inches long racquet is best suited. These racquets are best for beginners. But if you want to add some extra power to the shot, use 29 inches long racquet.
  • 3 Different Styles: There are 3 different styles of racquets. Everyone has its own requirements. Power or Game Improvement Racquets are lightweight with large heads. These best tennis racquet provide more power to the shot. Tweener Racquets are made in such a way that they offer good control and maneuverability. Control or Player’s Racquet are the professionally designed racquets having small heads providing maximum control. These are comparatively heavier and may be long or short.
  • Beginner’s Requirements: A beginner can’t provide as much effort as a professional can provide. So, racquet which is light weight and which provides more power is best suited for him. This racquet must have 105-120 square inches of head size, 27 inches length, 8-10 ounces weight with heavy head balanced at the top. Also, a grip which will best suit in his hand should be chosen.
  • Powerful hitter’s Requirements: If a person has a good ability to hit, he must buy a light weight racquet. The head size should be shrunk.
  • Testing before buying: As there is the large variety of racquets available in the stores, one should spend some time testing the racquets by swinging the racquets. He must ask friends and check reviews on the internet for the best racquet.
  • Checking the Material: Racquets made from graphite are best suited for beginners as these racquets are lightweight. Aluminum or Titanium racquets are cheaper and more powerful and comfortable. Boron and carbon fiber racquets are much more expensive than any other material’s racquets.
  • String Pattern: The alignment or the string pattern also decides the game of tennis. The string pattern controls the power and spin. There are basically 2 types of string patterns:
  1. Open String: These provide more spin and are easy to break.
  2. Closed String: These provide more power and control, meant for beginners.

Following the above things, one can easily buy a best quality tennis racquet that will be best suited for him.

Benefits of Best Tennis Racquets

There are many benefits of a tennis racquet. But its main benefit is that it is the only tool used for playing tennis. By holding a tennis racquet, hands become more firm and strong. Also, stamina gets increased. There are many benefits of playing tennis. Here are some of them listed below:

  • Playing Tennis is not suitable for a particular age. A person of any age can play tennis.
  • By playing tennis, one can meet new people and make new friends.
  • It helps in mind setup by reducing the stress.
  • It has some health benefits also. It strengthens the bones and lowers the blood pressure. It increases body flexibility and lowers the body fats.

So, it is clear that Tennis is a beneficial sport. Depending upon the racquet, there are many benefits of tennis racquets. Some benefits of heavy tennis racquets are:

Power: More power is required while playing tennis. Some shots need more power and efficiency which a heavier tennis racquet can provide. It also helps muscle build up.

Control: Heavier tennis racquets are more stable and are not much affected by the shot. Therefore, these racquets are easy to handle, thus providing a better control over the racquet.

Shock: As these racquets are more stable, they don’t get affected by the shot or the ball and hence there is a less shock on the body of the player. This is good for tennis elbow. A person with light weight racquet can add lead tape to the frame for making it shock proof.

Baseline: Heavier racquets are very good for baseline strokes. These are best suited for serving, volleys, and overheads.


These racquets are best suited for better playing. Tennis is an important part of sports. All the above-featured racquets are one of the world’s best tennis racquets. But WILSON PRO STAFF AUTOGRAPH TENNIS RACQUET is the best out of all these. It is mainly used for tournaments. It has better grip. Its frame is also superior and harder than other tennis racquets. Although this racquet is the best one, but all the other related racquets are also good. All these have superior quality and good framing. Some of them are unstrung and some are strung. Some are provided with covers and some are not. All these have the genuine price and are sold at Amazon with 100% product guarantee. These products have their respective warranty period also, that can be availed from the product’s company. These racquets are being sold very rapidly and earning a lot of profit in the market. Customer reviews for all these racquets are very good. All these are good in quality. That’s why it is recommended to buy the best tennis racquet among these.